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I have prosecuted and litigated, quite literally, thousands of personal injury claims, involving injuries ranging from soft-tissue to quadriplegia to death:

  • I have prosecuted/litigated countless automobile negligence claims, involving injuries ranging from soft-tissue to death;
  • I have prosecuted/litigated complex product liability claims involving defective seatbelts, power tools, household appliances, batteries and other consumer goods (see recent article attached regarding Captain Bill’s v. Frigidaire);
  • I have prosecuted/litigated a large number of police misconduct cases – many sounding in federal civil rights violations, entailing impermissible governmental policy and practice of excessive force – involving everything from baton beatings to fatal shootings of suspects, to murder-suicides involving LAPD officers and including former Los Angeles Police Department Chief Daryl Gates and Mayor Tom Bradley as Defendants (see articles attached).
  • I have prosecuted/litigated myriad medical malpractice claims involving everything from negligent cosmetic and other surgery, to psychotherapeutic malpractice, to missed diagnoses, to inadequate cardiac transplant transport and other emergent transport and emergency room care;
  • I have prosecuted/litigated on behalf of class action plaintiffs in medical implant and pharmaceutical litigations; and
  • I have prosecuted/litigated premises liability claims involving defective escalators, elevators, metal detectors and other inadequate provisions of security and safety.


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