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As I near my 25th year in the practice of law, I have seen a recurring theme emerge in my practice – a question I ask myself every time I consider taking on a case:  Is this matter consistent with my reasons for becoming a lawyer?

I became a lawyer out of a deep and abiding aspiration to be of service to those in need… to be of assistance to those in peril of being taken advantage of. My law degree is the means through which I strive to be of service to others. I want to fight for the little guy. In short, I want to help "David" in his/her battles against "Goliath."

This aspiration has driven my practice in a limited number of very specific directions. Who do I wage battle against, on my clients' behalf? Big government and big insurance companies.

When you suffer a loss – be it by act of government (a condemnation of property, by governmental exercise of eminent domain), by Act of God (a fire, a hurricane, a tornado), or by act of man (an act of negligence) – you will most always find a Goliath urging you to rely on their unilateral judgment, eager to dictate to you what you are entitled to for your loss. However, I have seen countless and staggering injustices unfold, in instances where individuals choose to face these Goliaths without an experienced attorney advocating on their behalf. I have seen individuals recover, literally, pennies on the dollar, with no one to shepherd them through to the compensation to which they are legally and justly entitled. And so, I have dedicated my career to helping people avoid just such injustices.

Obviously, there are no guarantees in any case; and I cannot assure any outcome for you in the aftermath of your loss. What I can assure you of is a tireless advocate who will devote the full force of his professional experience and abilities to the championing of your lawful rights and entitlements. After over twenty years of practice in the trenches of trial, I can also proudly lay claim to having acted as plaintiffs'/victims' counsel on cases garnering gross verdicts in excess of one million dollars in each of my chosen arenas of trial practice (see attached articles): in a condemnation case (NC DOT v. Coats), in a fire case (Captain Bill’s, et al. v. Frigidaire, et al.) and in a personal injury/negligence case (Thomas, et al. v. City of Los Angeles).

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